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Vinnova is Sweden's government agency for innovation. Each year, Vinnova invests around SEK 3 billion in fostering innovation.


Connect Sverige matches early-stage startups with investors bringing both skills and capital.


Angel Investments & Venture Capital



We focus on connecting startups to venture capital but can help at all stages, introducing you to the right investors & organisations, whether you're raising €20.000 or €10 million. 



Malmö Startups


Venture Cup: Idea - 2018

Venture cup IDEA is the competition for ideas in an early stage. If you have an idea in need of testing, take the opportunity to submit it to the competition platform. You will have the chance to market your idea at the platform, gain access to an excellent network and get valuable feedback on your idea. The competition is open and runs until November 1st. So what are you waiting for? Start your startup story today!


Support organizations



Minc offers a workspace, an incubator, an accelerator, and more


Fast Track Malmö

One of the most popular accelerators in the Nordics, with an acceptance rate of 1%


The Ground

A workspace for experienced startups, with the benefits and flexibility of an incubator


Djäkne Startup Studio

Not an incubator, not an accelerator, not a VC: Djäkne Startup Studio uses its network and experience to help co-found startups.



Drivhuset is a Malmö University-based meeting place for students who want to develop business ideas and learn more about entrepreneurial tools. Drivhuset offers coaching and education, as well as hosting events.


Game Habitat

Game Habitat is a non-profit organisation that works to develop and maintain southern Sweden as Europe's leading region in the development of digital games.


Pink Programming

A volunteer-driven organization with the goal to increase the number of female programmers by creating an inspiring environment where girls and women who are interested in programming can have fun and feel at home while learning to code.



A science park for growth companies in life science.


Media Evolution City

Media Evolution is a non-profit members organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the makers, the academy, the strategists and the local municipalities and regions of southern Sweden.




An incubator for students of Lund University


SmiLe Incubator

Helping entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in life science


Ideon Science Park

The Ideon Science Park brand contains a few organizations, all of which work toward one main goal: helping grow businesses and increase employment in the region.


Ideon Innovation

Ideon Science park’s business incubator.


Ideon Takeoff

A newly-opened shared office space where startup companies leaving an incubator can grow their business with the support of Ideon Science Park.


Mobile Heights

Mobile Heights is an industry-driven networking community with focus areas in Future Digital Society and Future Digital Health.


Venture Cup

A competition for “the entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” where startups can pitch their ideas and win funding.


The Creative Plot

Promoting  innovation and entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries.


Medicon Village

Providing a unique environment by integrating research, innovation and industry under one roof, Medicon Village is home to over 120 companies based in life science.


Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

This center for entrepreneurship at Lund University develops knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and communicates this through education and other activities.



Home to an incubator, an accelerator, and the creative meeting place THINK Open Space



An accelerator for social entrepreneurs



A grassroots initiative working to build the startup community in Helsingborg



We’re a creative coworking, conference and event space in the Øresund region, home to numerous small and big companies, great events and inspiring meetings.


E-Commerce Park of Sweden

Helping grow e-commerce with targeted support.


Forza of Sweden

Helping entrepreneurs meet specific challenges, needs, and goals through education and events.




Innovation Skåne

With offices in Malmö, Lund, and Kristianstad, Innovation Skåne supports innovation and regional development through advice, networking, and partnerships.


Connect Sverige

Connect Sverige matches entrepreneurs with skills and capital in the business community.



Almi offers advisory services, loans and venture capital through all phases of the establishment of a business – from idea to successful company —  to create opportunities for development.


FRIENDS of malmö startups

PS: Malmö Startups is a group of people helping to build the startup community in Southern Sweden, so everything above is free of charge.