Full Stack Developer/CTO - Dentora


Company description

We want to make dental appointments more accessible for customers and dental practices, our goal is to build a platform where customers can search, book and rate dentists in their nearby vicinity, in its simplicity, we aim to be a new marketing tool for dentists and a go-to option for customers to book their next dental appointment.

Dentora is working to revolutionize the dental industry and we’re looking for a lead full stack developer/CTO to join the team!

We are offering the opportunity to take on a big role, have a direct and immediate impact on a traditional market that needs to be innovated.

Job Description

What you will be doing

You will play a fundamental role in shaping how we develop the whole product and the business:

  • Using your technical, design sense and creativity to create a unique website, app and booking software
  • Rapidly designing and building features and prototypes to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise
  • Helping to hire and build the technical team if and when we secure more external financing (working hard to get this point)

What we’re looking for

  • Full stack developer: strong web development skills (back-end & front-end)
  • Proactive, optimistic, open-minded
  • Excellent attention to detail and communication skills
  • Interested in health care/dentistry
  • Prior experience (at least in a leading role on a complex website/booking product) using customized (not only off-shelf) solutions
  • Find technically complex systems thrilling (performance-,throubleshooting-skills)
  • Location: flexible
  • Need to have fun!

What we’re offering

  • Equity-based compensation until we secure funding (part-time initially)
  • Be one of the first to be involved
  • Funny, friendly, open minded and collaborative environment

Company website: www.dentora.io

Apply to: viktor.stenmark@dentora.io