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Company description

At Minut we develop, produce and sell smart connected sensors which lets the user understand what happens in a physical space without cameras. Our first product Point lets apartment owners know that everything is fine at home, lets rental hosts feel secure, and allows industrial users to improve quality and efficiency of their businesses.

Point contains sensors for sound, temperature, humidity, and air quality. The two processors in Point analyse the information from these sensors, where some are of our own design, to provide a picture of what is happening in a room. This information is shared through an API or an app with the user.

Point was launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign, our first production batch is sold out, and we expect to deliver to deliver the first units before Christmas. 

Today we are seven people and have an office in Malmö and another in Shenzhen, China.

Job Description

At the end of the day, you have a passion for creating great meaningful products that improve our health and the way we live.

You are a humble, talented, curious, and generally awesome human being. You care about details, but don't need to know them all. You learn new things when you need to and you are happy to share what you've learned with the rest of the team. 

You probably consider yourself a generalist. And as Minut is an early-stage startup, you will get to spend time in all parts of the stack. Speaking of stack, at the moment we use mostly C, Nodejs, Python, Swift, and Java. It is likely you know one of these well and very likely you want to dig into the others. 

As one of the first employees you will have influence over current and future products (there are some in the pipeline already). That is, you know how to prioritise and, when you don't, you know how to ask questions. We put a lot of emphasis on team effort and expect you to do too. 

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witter: @minuthq

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