- Senior Engineer


Senior Engineer

We are looking for a developer who gets excited about web security, API performance, and system scalability to join our nimble engineering team. Ideally we are looking for someone with Ruby experience but we are open to developers with skills in other languages, as long as you're excited about learning new stuff. We don't require you to have even gone to school as long as you can code like a pro, but you should have built and, more importantly, maintained widely-used products.

Our product is built primarily in Ruby, Rails and JavaScript with Angular. We use several storage technologies, including PostgreSQL and Redis. We heavily leverage AWS cloud infrastructure, manage source and issues on GitHub, plan our daily tasks in Trello, and continuously deploy code to production through Ansible.

At Userbin you will be encouraged to: 

  • Contribute to open-source projects 
  • Have personal hack days/weeks to work on extraordinary stuff 
  • Choose what to work on and be accountable for its success

Contact us if you want to become a part of building a company from nothing, and work in a nerdy and open startup environment. We're based in southern Sweden, but relocation isn't a requirement (however, it's a beautiful and friendly place so you should really consider it!)

About Userbin

Userbin secures your authentication stack in minutes with two-factor authentication and real-time account protection. We take the same technologies offered by big security players, and offer it as a easy-to-integrate SaaS to startups and SMBs. Much like Stripe did with the payment industry, transforming a sales-driven process into a self-service one.

Our two-factor authentication is fully white-label and builds on standards like Google Authenticator, SMS and phone calls. No proprietary apps to download or unfamiliar flows to learn for your users. For optimal usability, additional authentication is only triggered when your users switch to a new device.

Automatically prevent logins coming from the wrong places, including devices connecting from known bot nets, from behind hidden proxies and VPNs, or unexpected locations. Revoke access to suspicious devices.