Arduino Verkstad - Technical Project Manager

Company description

Arduino Verkstad is a lean-driven research, development, and project implementation company specifically focused on education and rapid prototyping. We use Arduino products as a central driver for these efforts in order to develop and explore their current and future applications. Additional development and education is conducted through workshops, events, and lectures in local and international capacities.

Arduino Verkstad AB aims to be a leading research, development, and prototyping company using the Arduino product as a core component of our work. The company is focused on providing a unique value through our work with education, both in the development of processes and with the instruction and implementation of Arduino as a means to encouraging youth technical education. The company balances this focus with corporate contracts typically aimed at rapid prototyping. Arduino Verkstad AB intends to not only increase the current Arduino user base of 3.5 million users, but to research and develop means for future use of Arduino.

Technical Project Manager

Do you love open source hardware, rapid prototyping, and Arduino?
Are you a Project Manager?
As the Arduino Research and Development branch in Malmö we are looking for that unique person that can be our new technical project manager. At Arduino Verkstad we work with prototyping of hardware designs and education. While we already have a talented general project manager, we are searching for a project manager focused on software, hardware, and/or product development. We believe that it would be an advantage if you have an education/experience within project management, as we are looking for someone that can help us refine our competencies in this field. As a company undergoing a transition from being a startup you should thrive on developing frameworks which support combining our current rapid project methods with more rigid project management structures.

Our work areas are very diverse. For example: 

  • We work with commercial clients doing rapid prototyping of hardware projects and product development. 
  • We work with large organizations developing educational projects and large-scale workshops and events
  • We work with EU Projects, with one 3 year project wrapping up and another 3 year project just starting. 

As a Project Manager for Arduino Verkstad your days will be spent working directly with the team, planning projects, driving time-planning, budgeting, and working with your counterparts in the other Arduino offices.
We imagine that you have a couple of years of experience behind you, preferably in the startup area. We are not necessarily looking for someone with extensive experience within the traditional electronics field or for corporate project managers, but it is a definite advantage. 
We're an international team within an international organisation. The working language is English.

Desired Skills

Primary skills:

  • Project Management (ideally with agile methods)
  • Group and cultural dynamics
  • Hardware/Software/Product management/development background 
  • Proactive mindset

Secondary Skills:

  • Experience with open source technology
  • Interaction design
  • Swedish, Spanish, or Italian fluency

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