What is AngelNext?

AngelNext is an amazing event where I have gotten to meet new startups - and I love the fact that it is curated so the ones you meet are usually super interesting. I have invested in two companies from the event last months too, so it seems to work.

-Hampus Jakobsson, Angel Investor, @hajak


AngelNext is an event held by Malmö Startups and #CPHFTW once every second month. It gives early-stage startups an opportunity to present in front of established Angels. The investors then provide feedback during one-on-one sessions and give valuable advice and insight.


For Startups

For startups, the AngelNext event gives a chance to meet and connect with experienced Angel Investors from the Öresund region. This could lead to an bussiness important contact or maybe even an investment. It is also an excellent opportunity to practice their pitch and receive feedback on their performance.


For Angels

For Angels, the AngelNext event gives the opportunity to meet and get to know young and hot startups in the Öresund region.


For more information, contact jeremie@malmostartups.com.

AngelNext Alumnis

  • Brainchild Tech
  • Faraday Motion
  • WeShareApps
  • Wallbreaker Dynamics
  • Fooducer
  • PlayDXTR
  • Athliit
  • Snaplytics
  • Scripler
  • Streetcooler
  • Huuray
  • Mailbird
  • Petreas
  • Startuptravels
  • Sharingear
  • DrinksOnUs
  • Forecast.it
  • Sensor Six
  • Kiggit
  • Erghis
  • FooDoo
  • Takeover
  • Athliit
  • Monsido
  • Publia
  • Nau
  • BookingABus
  • Apptimate
  • Flo.do
  • Erghis
  • IrezQ
  • Newshubby
  • Donkey Republic
  • Feely
  • Twiik
  • Owegoo
  • Form
  • Renouve
  • Form
  • Rokoko
  • Donkey Republic
  • Sponsta